Specification for LFP12150C BT

Cylindrical cells.

Ideal for 4WD and off-road applications.

Very tough and can be mounted in any orientation.

- Max continuous charge/discharge current:150 A

- Over current protection:330A

- Charge voltage:14.4V Max

- Battery management systems: PCM-L10S200-C49 or PCM-04S100-D70

- Smart BMS: SMBus/I2C/HDQ/Bluetooth Communication port


* With Bluetooth function, mobile phone APP connection;

* Communication interface: Bluetooth module modification,energy display module program;

* Balancing charge interface: for balancing chargers;

Battery case ABS+PC UL V-0 flame resistant.


Mobile app available for IOS & Android.


Nominal Capacity 150Ah

Nominal Voltage 12.8V

Charging voltage 14.4V +/- 0.1V

Charging method CC/CV

Standard charging time 100A 1.5Hours ~ 50A 3Hours

Maximum charging current 100A 0 ~ +45°C

Continuous Discharge Current 100A -20 ~ +60°C

Maximum discharge Current 150A

Low voltage cutout 8.0V

Short circuit protection. Auto with Auto reset.

Internal resistance ≤40mΩ

Cycle life 1500 cycles + 80% of original capacity remains.

Operating temperature  0 ~ +45°C

Dimensions 405 x 170 x 220(H) mm

Weight 21Kg



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